Even in today's global marketplace, the complexity of tax regimes, the variations from country to country, and the many annual changes and incentives in tax law can serve to move international borders farther apart. Expert tax advice is therefore vital if you do business overseas.

Why choose SALLP?

SALLP’s tax advisers work with you to minimize your tax burden legitimately. Taxes, in their various forms, constitute a major business cost, but this cost can often be reduced or deferred. SALLP recognizes that every business and situation is unique, so we do not offer ready-made solutions. Our tax advice is tailored to the client.

International tax is so complex that no one individual could keep track of it. However, the SALLP network of associates means that SALLP have access to tax partners in the region all around, each of them specializing in their country's tax law and knowledgeable about international tax issues and Double Taxation avoidance Treaties. We also have a pool of regional specialists who can provide insight into the political, economic and financial issues in a particular area, as well as being international tax advisers.

What do we offer?

SALLP tax teams can help reduce your tax burden and advise you on:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Personal tax
  • Withholding tax
  • DTA’s
  • Goods & service Tax ( GST )
  • Tax investigations

For more information, please consult the Partner in charge

Key Services Include
Statutory audit
Non-statutory audit
Assurance engagement
Business risk services
Sarbanes Oxley Assurance
International accounting standards
Compilation of financial statements
Offshore Companies
Company Incoporation
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