Corporate Finance

Turning your business dreams into a successful reality usually calls for additional finance. Acquisitions, mergers, business development and overseas expansion may all demand extra funds and require specialist advice.

Why choose SALLP?

SALLP corporate finance team can secure for you the necessary funding to achieve your business goals. Our firm and our associates have recognized market experience and enjoy privileged relationships with the major finance providers, both public and private.
The SALLP team will help you boost your business's appeal to investors, maximizing your funding options. Whatever your industry area or geographical location, our local experts understand what the financial community expects of a company and how to help you meet these requirements.
We always build our reputation so that investors know we will only associate with credible, well-conceived proposals. Thus to be introduced to the financial community by SALLP is itself a great benefit.

What do we offer?

Your SALLP corporate finance team can deliver the following services :

  • Help you find and secure finance from the most appropriate sources (such as private equity firms)
  • Prepare financial projections and financial/cash flow forecasts
  • Assist you in the preparation of your business plans
  • Perform business valuations
  • Provide ongoing advice and support with
    •     flotation 
    •     mergers & acquisitions 
    •     management buy-outs/buy ins 
    •     disposals
For more information, please consult the Director / Associate in charge.
Key Services Include
Statutory audit
Non-statutory audit
Assurance engagement
Business risk services
Sarbanes Oxley Assurance
International accounting standards
Compilation of financial statements
Offshore Companies
Company Incoporation
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